Other Related Services

UK US Tax works closely with a number of entities that are directly or indirectly affiliated with its partners.  These affiliates offer a number of related services that complement the assistance that UK US Tax provides and furthers our goal of providing integrated services to clients that seamlessly span a number of different disciplines.  Services include:

Central Withholding Agreements

Non U.S. entertainers and sports stars often incur U.S. federal income tax charges for appearances in the United States.  IRS rules often require a withholding tax, withheld at the source, greatly in excess of the tax charge to be withheld from the fees paid to these non U.S. performers.  WA Services LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of UK US Tax, has negotiated central withholding agreements, or CWAs, with the IRS where the withholding applied to such performers is reduced to allow an orderly payment of estimated U.S. tax liabilities throughout the year, rather than having too much tax withheld at the time of each performance.

US Tax Services (Channel Islands)

Funds domiciled in the Channel Islands typically have U.S. filing requirements to the extent they have U.S. investors.  Such funds require the production of U.S. tax compliant returns to be filed as well as information provided to individual U.S. investors, typically in the guise of Form K-1s or equivalent substitute forms.  We are able to provide the U.S. reporting that is required for such funds.  Typically, this service is more efficient than that provided by larger accounting firms which do not have the local knowledge to provide U.S. based accounting services.

Leon  Dutkiewicz   A UK US Tax partner also maintains a separate accounting firm, US Compliance Services LLC (www.uscompliancellc.com) that assists with wholly domestic accounting matters.  Thus, clients who relocate to the United States are not forced to find other advice for their U.S. federal, state and local matters and instead can move to a related accounting firm that has the institutional knowledge of their affairs.

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